Al compás de la vihuela (2022)

Tangos, traditional Argentine music and works from the Spanish and English Renaissance performed on three guitars. Two of them were made by Luc Breton and Serge Rinsoz in an 18th century style. The third was a 19th century instrument restored by Luc Breton.


Sobretarde (2017)

Works for guitar by Abel Fleury


Tierra Querida (2011)

Traditional tangos with solo guitar arrangements by Alejo de los Reyes.


Transpirando tangos (2016)

Rubén Llaneza, remembered for his participation as vocalist in Joaquín Do Reyes’ orchestra in the 1950s, brought together a group of young guitarists (Rodrigo Cartellone, Pedro Ratto, Pablo Covacevich and Rodrigo Perelsztein) featuring the conducting, arrangements and guitar playing of Alejo de los Reyes


Tus besos fueron míos (2017)

In her debut album, Paula Serrano performs tangos, waltzes, milongas, and classic zambas, accompanied by Cuarteto De los Reyes (Alejo de los Reyes, Rodrigo Cartellone, Pedro Ratto and Rodrigo Perelsztein).

Orillas del Plata_600_600

Orillas del Plata (2013)

Fulanos de Tal trío (Medera – De los Reyes – Trejo)


Secreto (2015)

1. Secreto / 2. Luna de Arrabal / 3. El violín de Becho / 4. Campo afuera / 5. Bahía Blanca / 6. Regalo e’ mama / 7. La olvidada / 8. Después del carnaval / 9. Canción al árbol del olvido


Recién – EP (2021)

1. Un tango y nada más (Lacava/Ponatai- Waiss) / 2. Recién (Lacava/Pomati – Waiss) / 3. Tu y la lluvia (S. Linares)

Las Simples cosas_600x600

Las simples cosas (2019)

Chilean and Argentine folk music and a bit of tango, performed by three artists from Argentina and Switzerland. The sounds of the organetto (a medieval instrument), the fortepiano, and the eighteenth-century guitar stand out in this recording. These instruments were created for another type of music, yet they contribute notably in highlighting Mía Mohr’s vocal expressiveness, while lending their own creative instrumental interpretations.


Recordándote (2021)

Other than his long tenure as staff singer of Radio Belgrano, little was known about Alberto Senda decades after he turned down Mario Demarco’s invitation to be his orchestra’s singer. However, in this recording from 2016 (when he was 84 years old) we see that his voice and his interpretative qualities were still intact. It’s a treasure to be able to listen to a voice that was much appreciated in the 1950s through this modern recording.

canciones del rio de la plata_600x600

Canciones del Río de la Plata

A diverse songbook, born on opposite banks of the same river, showcasing popular and classical music. In addition to tangos, chacareras, zambas, and waltzes, there are works by Guastavino, Ginastera, Fabini, and others. To record this album, a tango trio from Argentina and two classical soloists came together, breaking boundaries by combining their talents on each track.