In 2015, Rubén Llaneza summoned Alejo de los Reyes to record an album, which would materialize the following year in his album “Transpirando tangos,” marking the return of his recording career which had started in the 1950s when he was a singer in Joaquín Do Reyes’ orchestra.  This was his first recording after several decades.

A guitar group formed based on enthusiasm about this project. In addition to Alejo on guitar, arrangements and direction, Rodrigo Cartellone and Pedro Ratto (guitars) and Rodrigo Perelsztein (guitarrón) participate. Pablo Covacevich also participates in almost half of the songs, replacing Pedro Ratto.

With its original line-up, the quartet also recorded most of the songs on Paula Serrano’s debut album. This formation of “Cuarteto De los Reyes” (already with Covacevich in place of Ratto, who currently resides in Switzerland) grew to include Mariana Borghi (double bass) in 2018, forming the current Quinteto De los Reyes. In that incarnation, they gave a remarkable performance at the 2018 Buenos Aires Tango Festival, showcasing songs from their instrumental repertoire and accompanying Rubén Llaneza and Paula Serrano.

Although he did not participate in any of the recordings, Adam Tully is also part of the Quintet, rotating the position with Covacevich in several performances.

The group is currently producing its first instrumental album, which is long awaited by a small but enthusiastic group of the Quintet’s followers. There was a 2-year delay between when the announcement for the next recording that was made in 2020 and this year, when the group could finally resume its rehearsal rhythm.