Fulanos de Tal trio was formed in 2007 by two students of the Manuel de Falla Music Conservatory. At the end of 2010, the group took on its current incarnation with Leandro Medera (vocals and guitar), Alejo de los Reyes (guitar and vocals), and Leo Trejo (guitar).

After that, came six tours of Europe and the Middle East (2011-2016), covering more than 30 cities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, and Israel.

In 2013 they recorded “Orillas del Plata” (RGS Music, Buenos Aires) and, in 2015, “Secreto.” This was proceeded by “Después del Carnaval” and “Bien porteño” (with Santiago Acebras and Damián Dalessandro in place of Alejo de los Reyes).