LA POSTA, Alejo de los Reyes’ program of interviews with musicians, delivers a long-awaited new season, which was filmed during 2022 and will be released on July 28, 2023 on YouTube.

LA POSTA is a series of interviews to fundamental musicians in Argentine and universal culture, interviewed from the perspective of another musician who, besides being a fan of the interviewee, seeks to delve into musical topics that are often not covered in traditional interviews. It began as an independent project in 2018, broadcast live on Facebook from La Gran T studio, with the production of Francisco Offenhenden. The seven episodes of that first season were re-released on Youtube in 2020, from where they register several tens of thousands of reproductions.

This new season was recorded in 2022, produced by Fueye Films and directed by Gerardo Panero, and includes two interviews with key figures of Argentine culture: Juan Carlos “Tata” Cedrón and Carlos Di Fulvio.

They join the seven chapters of the first season, with interviews to Rubén Llaneza, Nicolás “Colacho” Brizuela, Héctor Morano, Rudi Flores, Hugo Rivas, Horacio Avilano and César Stroscio.

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